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Please note, this kite does not come with handles or lines as standard. You will need to buy these separately.

Flexifoil recommends:

Pro-Link Handles (with safety)

Dyneema Line Set - 4x25m - 200kg/100kg

There are few kites on the planet for which almost every kiter has a story to tell. The Blade is one of those kites. Developed over six generations and still continuing, no other land kite can offer the same solidity of power, exceptional stability, and most importantly, limitless fun.

The sixth incarnation of the Blade has once again built on its pure foundations of power to refine the design and further increase the delivery of everything that this brand has been known for. This is no kiddy-kite, the Blade is a serious piece of kit for the serious kiter.

Package Contents:

  • Blade kite canopy 4.9m² + triple A bridle adjuster
  • Instruction
  • Kite storage bag


Comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, so you can return it (used or new) at any time.