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Please note, this kite does not come with a bar, handles or lines as standard. You will need to buy these separately.

Flexifoil recommends:

Pro-Link Handles (with safety)

Traction Control Bar - 65cm (with safety)

Dyneema Line Set - 4x25m - 200kg/100kg

Flexifoil’s Rage is a highly versatile land kite suitable for beginners and advanced land kiters alike. You can confidently take the Rage out and before you know it you’ll be skidding across the ground!

Designed to Flexifoil’s usual high standards, the Rage has been optimised to offer exceptional control and stability in the air, as well as to generate the power and lift you’ll need to excel yourself.

If traction kiting is where you’re heading and style and power are how you’re getting there, then look no further than the Rage from Flexifoil.

Package Contents:

  • Rage kite canopy 3.5m² + triple A bridle adjuster
  • Instruction
  • Kite storage bag


Comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, so you can return it (used or new) at any time.