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Product Description

Flexifoil’s Rage is a highly versatile land kite suitable for beginners and advanced land kiters alike. You can confidently take the Rage out on your first session and before you know it you’ll be tearing across the ground on a board or in a buggy!

Designed to Flexifoil’s usual high standards, the Rage has been optimised to offer exceptional control and stability in the air, as well as to generate the power and lift you’ll need to excel yourself on the board or buggy.

If traction kiting is where you’re heading and style and power are how you’re getting there, then look no further than the Rage from Flexifoil.

Package Contents

  • Rage kite canopy + triple A bridle adjuster
  • Instruction
  • Kite storage bag

Please note, this kite does not come with a bar, handles or lines as standard. You will need to buy these separately.

Flexifoil recommend Pro-Link Handles (with safety) and 2 x 200kg, 2 x 100kg, 25m 4-Line Set with all sizes of the Rage Kite.

Product Reviews

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  1. Another great kite

    Posted by Old Poacher on 13th Mar 2016

    I love this kite, it has a lot of power but not too much that it becomes uncomfortable to fly in stronger winds. There’s plenty of speed and also very responsive to turns which just makes it so much fun to fly. I currently have the Sting in a couple of sizes (which is also a really fun kite) and a bigger Rage but I have to say this one is becoming my choice of kite. With the usual quality that you expect from Flexifoil and also looking great what’s not to like.

  2. excellent traction kite

    Posted by guet on 6th Jan 2016

    I just tried the new rage, I advise you,
    stable and powerful kite.

  3. Rage - New and previous versions are excellent!

    Posted by Paul Glasspoole on 10th Nov 2015

    I purchased the previous version of the RAGE (1.8m, 2.5m and 3.5m) to use with my kite-buggies.

    I was instantly impressed with the build quality (flawless) of this series. Once I flew them, I was amazed at how well they hold their shape and stay inflated when the wind shifts. I am easily able to keep the kite in the air with absolutely no wind. It does not “loft” like all my other kites.

    During NABX last year and IBX this year I only flew my RAGEs. The dozen other kites that I transported 1000 miles stayed in the car. Not only were they not taken out the entire week-long event, I did not even consider them as an option. I was that content with the RAGE.

    I recently bought the 4.7m RAGE (new version). This past Sunday I flew the new RAGE. Out of the bag its handling was razor-sharp. It easily made a ground pass perfectly straight just a few inches from the ground. I flew static for an hour. At several times during the day there was no wind and I was able to keep the kite moving with minimal effort. At one point, I flew three 360’s in a row without any difficulty.

    I have recommended the Flexifoil RAGE series to everyone in the Denver kite Club. The comment I hear most often is “this is much easier to fly than mine!”

    Overall: Excellent kites. Easy for the beginner to fly. Stable enough that an experienced person will make them THE go-to kite. Stays inflated when the wind shifts. Excellent quality. You cannot go wrong with this Flexifoil model!

  4. Excellent traction kite

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2015

    Excellent traction kite. I recommend

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